Hello September...

Hello September! I'm looking forward to your cosy nights in, cool crisp air and crunchy golden leaves... Summer 2019 has been the best! It's been so jam-packed with weddings, family, friends and exploring sandy beaches; I've not had anytime to blog!! So, I thought a *little update was rather over-due.

*rather long*

The weddings Adam and I have played at this year have been breathtakingly-beautiful - it would be rude not to share a few pictures with you! There has been everything form gin-bottle centre pieces at Amy & Lukes wedding at Beeston Manor... to crystal table names at Cat & Ian's wedding at The Gibbon Bridge... to giant, bold sunflowers at Sabry & Emma's special day at Eaves Hall... to dancing dogs at Sophie and Shaun's night do at The Mill (not even joking!!)... to an appearance from The Nidderdale Llama's at Amanda & Adam's big day at Browsholme Hall to finally... fabulous, heartfelt song lyrics at Emily & Kieran's wedding at Bashall Barn. That's a lot of inspiration for a bride-to-be!!

When I wasn't playing at weddings over the summer - Ali and I went down to Cornwall in pursuit of sunshine, blue skies, laughter and sandy beaches!

We stayed in the most fantastic Air B&B - just outside Falmouth in a tiny village called Constantine. The Gypsy Hut was sooo cosy at night, beautifully clean and the perfect place to call home for the 4 nights. The outdoor shower was... an experience! We did loads of travelling whilst we were down there - Falmouth, St Ives, The Eden Project, Newquay, Penzance, St Michael's Mount and a tiny place called The Lizard. I had no idea the sea could be so blue...

Another exciting thing to happen over the summer holidays was my "re-imagining" of my guitar, ukulele and vocal lessons. It all started after discovering a fantastic book called The Art of Mindful Singing by Jeremy Dion - which I bought from a tiny bookshop in Penzance! Each page I read I kept thinking THIS IS WHY I LOVE TEACHING MUSIC... THIS IS WHAT MY LESSONS ARE ALL ABOUT!!!

I have been teaching the guitar in Clitheroe for the past 7 years under the name Totally Acoustic - which is exactly what I was when I started out. 7 years on - my lessons have evolved to be so much more than just a music lesson. I'm proud to have "re-imagined" or more formally, re-branded to Good Vibrations Ribble Valley. Here's a little more info if you're interested in learning...

Mindful guitar, ukulele & vocal lessons in Clitheroe, the heart of the Ribble Valley with Hannah Rose Spurgeon 💛

Alternative, gentle, modern teaching techniques - music lessons for the soul! 🌻

“I look to teach my pupils to find their own voice and creativity. Here at Good Vibrations Ribble Valley we don’t take grades; we learn to play the music we love in a relaxed, encouraging, passionate yet professional environment.” 🎶

Most importantly... this summer has been about wedding planning!! Only 9 months to go - oh my days.

As you already know we have out fabulous venue and church sorted - The Craven Arms at Appletreewick and All Hallow's at Mitton, Whalley. Lots of other planning has been going on behind the scenes!

I have been lucky enough to book the fabulous Sarah Elisabeth for my wedding hair. Check out her website - she's such a lovely, lovely person and I can't wait to have her on our wedding morning to add some much much needed volume to my poker-straight hair!

I FINALLY got to meet one of Ali's best friends and our wedding photographer, Lindsay Walker, at another friends wedding in Manchester back in August - she is insanely talented so please ​​take a peep at her facebook here!

The powers of Facebook worked their magic too - I can't believe how many people read my first blog entry! It was sooo humbling and so exciting that I get to share this journey with you too. Even more crazy, my friend Neil who read my blog - and is also a fellow VW Beetle enthusiast - kindly, kindly got in touch and offered to take me to the church in Bert!! My bridesmaids are having a not-so-vintage-ride in my Beetle, Ringo haha.

The biggest thing we have sorted - that I cannot possibly share with you just yet - is my dress!! I said YES to the first dress that I tried on!! What I can share with you is that it arrived in the biggest box I've ever seen and we opened it in my Nana's bedroom - so she got to share the magic too. Also on the ticked list are my bridesmaid dresses!! Three words.... floaty, fairy, glittery!!

The journey of planning this wedding has been sooooo emotional - if you know my family personally, you know it was definitely time for some heart-warming, happy news. The biggest surprise was when my Nana gave me her wedding band... I don't think there has ever been a love quite as strong as the love between my Nana and my Granddad Pete. I sadly didn't get to meet my Granddad - so keeping this ring in the family, and Ali giving it to me on our wedding day, means the world to me. (You know what, I'm crying as I type this!! I think this needs it's own blog post!!) To be continued soon...

I have also been getting crafty!! Me and Ali's mum, Sue, are ON IT! We're already collecting old maps, beer cans and bake bean tins... just you wait and see! Handmade favours on our wedding day. Ali is doing an excellent job of collecting the beer cans and pinterest is my new best friend! I have also made quite the start on Wedding-Blanket-Mountain!! Got to be keeping our evening guests cosy!

Every wedding I go to I ALWAYS have to take a picture of the flowers - I have so many flower photos on my phone you would think I was a little obsessed... so we have chosen flowers for our wedding day that we can keep forever. Check out the absolutely exquisite Artisan Dried Flower Company. I am also extremely lucky that my cousin Lois is a very, very talented and knowledgeable florist - she's going to work her wild flower magic in church and at the venue. Here are some wild flowers I spied at The Eden Project... inspiration is everywhere!

It sounds like we have done loads... which we have! But as you all know, there is still even more to do. The biggest dilemma is - Ali cannot decided what he wants to wear!!! He's such a dapper-guy this is a big decision for him! We cannot wait to pick our hymns, readings... sample food and cake!! Choose the perfect official wedding invites and practice dancing to our self-curated disco!

Oh and just one more thing... our wedding guests are in for a 'llamazing' surprise...

So here's to beautiful September - the turning of the seasons, a time for change, yet a time to get back into the rhythm and routine of life. More blog posts to come your way over the next few weeks.

Hannah xx

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