The Wedding Singer's Friday Skive...

Here's a merry little blog post to celebrate all the things in my life that DON'T involve music! Being self-employed, to me, means doing what I love every single day - which is true. I feel truly blessed that I earn a living from teaching guitar and singing at weddings. There has never been a day where I haven't been motivated to try my absolute best.

However... being self-employed also means I find it impossible to switch off ​​and relax - just ask Ali! There are no boundaries - I mostly work from my front room! There's always an email I could reply to... or a song I could be learning... (and now a blog post I should be typing!!)

It's so important, yet so hard to get a solid work/life balance... here are all my happy-little-hobbies that keep me sane and stress free!

When I'm not teaching guitar and Ali is watching a film - I am crocheting...

I absolutely LOVE crocheting - there is something so unbelievably therapeutic, relaxing, mindful and creative about it. It's also a little bit addictive... It fulfils my love of colour - I can mix and match and clash them all! There is no pressure - if it's going wrong you can easily pull it back! It's like having a magic undo button. I adore making something knowing it's going to bring somebody else a tiny bit of happiness.

I learnt how to crochet way over 10 years ago now - when it was the school summer holidays and I was being looked after by my Auntie Jane. She showed me how to do a basic Granny Square and a simple stitch and I was hooked!

The funniest fail was when I tried to make myself a cardigan... the sleeves were SO heavy that it just popped off my shoulders!

I have a little instagram page where I share all my makes - Humble Aboho.

"A humble bohemian abode filled with crocheting, colour, fairy lights, music, yummy food and dancing..."

My oldest passion, alongside music, has to be dancing. I've been attending Ribble Valley Dance - which used to be called Mary Waddington's School Of Dancing - since I was just 3 years old!!

Don't laugh - but I still take weekly ballet classes. The sound of the old piano music and the smell of the dance studio make me feel so young and happy. Ballet is truly something I do just for myself - and we all need that time during the week.

I'm not the best student... as I don't always get time to practice (I'm so sorry Lindsay!) - I'm also horrendously forgetful and I'm hopeless with my left and right. But Lindsay has the patience of a saint and is a fantastic teacher!

I'm currently working towards taking my Intermediate exam - hopefully next year!! It's such a beautiful grade - some of the set dances are so lyrical and the music is exquisite. I keep saying things like "I feel like a ballerina now!!" (It's only taken 20 years!) There are sections done on pointe too - which really was something this little girl used to dream about. I feel truly blessed that dancing is still part of my adult life and something I take the time to do every week.

Finally, my most recent hobby... can you even call this a hobby?? Is running. I actually hate the thought of running - but love the feeling after the run!! I've just completed the BBC Couch To 5K!! It's taken me since January to build up my confidence to progress through the weeks - but I've done it! Asthma is no longer an excuse. If anyone has ever thought about doing the couch to 5k - stop thinking about it and just do it. It's bloody wonderful and if I can do it - anyone can do it!

There's something quite liberating about getting out there in the morning air, hearing the birds singing and feeling like you have ACHIEVED! My music choice, eclectic yet epic, has definitely got me through the training... everything from Kanye West to Kiki Gyan to Let's Eat Grandma. Here's my victory picture... (Jo Wiley made me do it!!) I've made it black and white as to hide my red, red face!!

(Thank you to Dad and Ali for dragging me out rain or shine... I know I can be very grumpy in a morning!!) Here's to building up to 10k!

Friday-skive OVER! I think it's time I get back to learning some wedding songs...

Hannah x

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