The Wedding Singer Gets Hitched #2

Can you keep a secret?? Nope? Good... neither can I!

Here are 10 funny, quirky, embarrassing, cheesy, little secrets I'm pretty damn sure every Bride & Groom has done in the run up to their wedding... whether or not they admit it is another thing?! But I know I'm whole-heartedly-unashamedly GUILTY.

1. I have an app on my phone to specifically count down the days until our wedding... In fact, it's not just counting down days - it's counting down the minutes and seconds too! I will also go as far to admit that I check it every day... Obsessed much?

2. We have already driven past the church twice. I'm fully aware it isn't going to move - but it's just sooo special to take a sneak-peek at it every now and again! It's even more perfect when you can sit in the beer garden at the Aspinall Arms in the evening sunset and gaze across the River Ribble to it... dreamy!

3. Yes... I already have my wedding dress. As I mentioned in my first blog - I have had 7 years to daydream about this whilst performing at other people's weddings... My dress is carefully tucked away at my Mum & Dad's house (away from nosey Ali!!) Ssssshhhh... I keep opening the box and having a little peep at it too! Please tell me I'm not the only one?

4. I have a tiny worry worm about the weather. I know, I know, I know... there is NOTHING anybody in the world, on the moon, in the galaxy can do about this; but wouldn't it be nice...

5. Taken a selfie and said "I hope we look better than THAT on our wedding day!"

6. Wondered if we have remembered to invite EVERYONE?

7. Practiced the kiss. The "you may now kiss the bride" kiss... I have seen so many of these kisses in my time. Some have great gusto. Some are rather conservative. Sometimes the bride goes for it more than the groom! How long do you kiss for? Where do you put your arms? What if I'm wearing too much lipstick? Just one thing Ali, please don't knock my flower crown off!

8. Said "CHEERS - here's to us!" - Every. Single. Time. we have had a drink since getting engaged.

9. Ogled at my engagement ring for far too long...

10. Felt serious butterflies in our tummies and gotten a little nervous/ overwhelmed/ anxious by the prospect of being centre of attention for the day... but then quickly remembered that we're in this together and doing it because we bloody love each other!!

Hannah x

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